Dr George Dangel Grand Master of Advanced Vibrational Sciences

A World-renowned Pranic Healing Master

Dr George Dangel

Dr George Dangel is a world-renowned Pranic Healing Master, well-qualified in both traditional medicine and integrative Eastern medicine and energy healing techniques. George has devoted the past four decades of his life to researching, learning, practicing and writing about the wonderful knowledge he has uncovered in these areas.
Dr George Dangel is the first Australian Pranic Healing Master and the first caucasian to ever achieve Master level in this powerful energy healing modality. The title of Master of Pranic Healing, the 10th ever in the world, was conferred on George in the Philippines in January 2003 by Grand Master, Choa Kok Sui. George received his Doctorate in Divinity in 1992 from the World Light Centre, World Council of Churches, USA.
Pranic healing is a no-touch modality where all types of illnesses can be treated. It is a highly developed and tested system of energy-based healing techniques, using “prana” – the vital energy life-force to balance, harmonise and transform your body’s energy processes. The Chinese refer to this subtle energy as “Chi” in acupuncture. It is also called “Ruha” in Hebrew or the “Breath of Life” in the Old Testament.
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I have watched I him (George) perform fantastic healings on people who were either written off by doctors or faced horrendous surgery and hospital bills. In just 15 minutes sometimes they walk out fine.
David Icke
I have recently had the experience of using your SONAR DEVICE which I found helpful in relieving a chronic condition. For the last 18 months I have suffered with severe constipation which has been very debilitating. By using your Sonar Device I gained relief by which I am truly thankful.
T. Paterson
This is a great leap forward in me regaining my health. It has been a long ride but by eliminating all of the parasites from my body I can now focus on building up all of my physical body systems that were being compromised by these parasites. I certainly have more energy than I had previously, and I look forward to better times ahead. With thanks and love,
C. Feely
Lean About Vibrational Healing Crystals


Spectrochromotheraphy – Using light and colour is an ancient tradition. Spectrochromotherapy is Light and Colour projected on specific areas of the body, bringing the emotional and physical into balance.
Sonar Palm MateEverything living in, and on you, which takes its food from your body is a parasite. If penetration occurs your body must fight to remove them.
Chakra CrystalsChakaras are centres of energy, located on the midline of the body. There are 360 chakras in total. They are represented by the seven major chakras of them, which each govern our psychological properties and give life and energy to the body.