Product Description

For those seeking the truth, reality, God – or whatever you want to call it – there is only one reality that is absolute, and that is the fact of your own being. You are nothing, you came from nothing and you shall be nothing after your soul separates from your body. You are a universal entity created by the universe in a theorem called DNA. Evolution has created you with the knowledge of the universe, so you are all of one and one of all… you are the universe. Your body is constructed with the help of the universal planets and stardust. 19,000 tons of stardust descends from space every day. Most of it is absorbed by the plants and animals that we eat. This turns the stardust into an energy called Chi. Chi is the construction of all the cells in our body and the sun, which is a star. It gives us the electrical equivalent of one-fifth of a volt of electricity. Chi is created due to the color spectrum of light and energy (photosynthesis). This in turn feeds us and constructs our bodies. In Pranic Healing we separate the chi from our vortex points (chakras) and, by will, direct them to another body that is deficient in chi. This energy transmission from one person to another provides enhanced health by releasing illness and supplying clean chi energy to a diseased organ. A simple analogy for clients to understand this energy transfer is that of a radio station 100 kilometers away giving off broadcast signals. That signal (or energy) is picked up by a radio in your house which transforms this signal back into energy for you to hear as a voice transmission. You are a thought-form. You can re-program any thought-form by simply willing it to change. If you have the ability to transform the correct thought-form energy to another thought-form (person), the signal will be received loud and clear. A natural reaction will occur. There is a similarity between pranic healing and the UFO phenomena. We accept their existence as there are approximately 1.5 million worldwide sightings annually. 747,000 persons have verified these extraterrestrial presences – politicians, doctors, scientists, air pilots and leaders of the church – many have had contact and yet there is still denial! As with pranic healing – I cure people who are blind, deaf, paralysed and dying with cancer. Still the conventional allopathic medical practitioners ridicule this modality. Why? They do not understand that they too have an identical capacity to me. They can do exactly as I do, or even better. I have worked on world leaders, politicians, actors, the world’s richest people and paupers, and even some doctors. However, doubt still exists about this phenomenon called Pranic Healing. Download a sample chapter here.