Sonar Palm Mate

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Sonar Palm Mate


Kills all Viruses, Fungi, Parasites and their Eggs by Sound Waves, not by Electrical Current

This device is designed to remove viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi, and parasites, which are known to be the root cause of over ninety (90%) percent of all the diseases known to mankind.

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Product Description

What could be more exciting than finding that your pain has gone and your blood pressure has returned to normal, you are getting well and your morale and interest in getting things done again has returned?

Directions on How to Use Sonar Palm Mate
1. Put a small amount of oil on the finger print area of your thumb, a thin film of oil is sufficient. The oil induces healing Sonar waves into your body.
2. Hold the tip of your thumb against one of the silver buttons on the side of your Sonar Palm Mate (as shown below) leave the other silver button on the opposite side of the Sonar Palm Mate untouched.
3. Turn on the toggle switch at the top of your Sonar Palm Mate, you will see a red light appear, your Sonar Palm Mate is now ready to begin your treatment
4. Keep your thumb on the silver button, with the Sonar Palm Mate red light on for ten (10) minutes. After ten (10) minutes switch off your Sonar Palm Mate and relax for thirty (30) minutes. REPEAT THIS PROCEDURE THREE (3) TIMES.
For example:
• Sonar Palm Mate on for ten (10) minutes treatment.
• After ten (10) minutes treatment time switch off your Sonar Palm Mate and relax for thirty (30) minutes.
• Repeat treatment protocol above three (3) times.
5 Your Sonar Palm Mate can safely be used several times a day if needed to remove all Parasites.
6. Follow exactly the directions given and you will be free of all Parasites and their eggs. Parasites cause Viruses, Fungi, and Acidity in your body, these Parasites can eventually kill the body if not treated and removed.

For more information on the Sonar Palm Mate please view the full product page here.

Additional Information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 15 cm