”We will never forget our dear friend George, we will pray for him as he prayed for us.  We are honoured to have been a part of George’s life and family for 15 years, and have so many happy memories of times we shared, and George’s special healing.  We could never thank George enough..”
Sonja, ”September



“I am in Australia at the moment and I have met the most phenomenal healer. His name is Dr. George Dangel and in two visits he has transformed my health, which was failing due to the cumulative battering of constantly traveling year after year. He has also produced great improvements in my arthritis, which has plagued me since I was a teenager and says that with further visits it will disappear. More than that I have watched him perform fantastic healings on people who were either written off by doctors or faced horrendous surgery and hospital bills. In just 15 minutes sometimes they walk out fine.

I have watched video testimonies, and met personally, people with snapped spinal cords who have got movement in their legs back; a man who was virtually blind who can now see better than he has for years and that treatment is continuing; a man with skin cancer all over his body who is now OK; a woman with advanced lung cancer who was so ill she had to be driven to George’s centre because she did not have the strength even to drive a car. After two visits she was driving herself and now her lungs are clear and she is fit and well. Not only that her damaged lung tissue has been restored.

These are not miracles, though they would appear to be. They are the expert use of the life force energy which some call Prana. The very knowledge the Illuminati has worked so hard to suppress.

George Dangel is a Senior Certified Panic Healer who has studied different healing techniques in Tibet, China, India, Philippines, Hawaii, and Tahiti, as well as training as a doctor in “conventional” medicine. Several years ago he began formal training under Pranic healing Grand Master, Choa Kok Sui, the originator of this technique, which is a combination of the most effective healing properties of many disciplines.

Pranic Healing, to quote its own literature: “scientifically utilizes the “prana” or life force readily available from the sun, air, and ground to heal physical and emotional imbalances. It requires no drugs, gadgets – not even physical contact with the subject. No physical contact is required because the practitioner is working on the bioplasmic or energy body and not directly on the physical body.” I judge by results and what I experience and see, not by what people claim to be able to do. All I can say is that I have seen this work in the most extraordinary way and I want to give everyone the opportunity of seeing if it can help them.

David Icke (author, conspiracy researcher, public speaker) , June-12, 2000

James A Michener (Author)

“I just had a complete body scan today and guess what?………. There were NO CANCERS DETECTED ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How’s that for the best news any cancer sufferer could possibly have, and I did it in just 3 weeks from the start of treatment, thanks to a miracle doctor in Brisbane.  I hope that one or more regular oncologists read this [facebook] post and start to question the “treatment of the day” which uses poisonous chemicals in an attempt to destroy cancerous tumors.   The only thing they destroy successfully is a person’s immune system, which quite often leads to the death of the patient. It’s so very sad when our very skilled doctors are dictated to by greedy, money hungry drug companies who have forced the closure of so many natural remedy clinics.  These clinics have saved countless lives and yet are criticized because all the major drug companies are unable to make billions of dollars out of a synthesized version of a natural product.  It disgusts me.  After just 3 weeks of treatment using only natural products which are cheap and easily obtainable.  I am now cancer free of the rest of my life.  This is after being told my specialist that I had only months to live.  So sorry to disappoint him.”
Sandy Peel, 19th November 2013

“In March 2007, I was diagnosed with inoperable Liver Cancer and given two months to live. A friend suggested I should see Master Pranic Healer Dr. George Dangl. I had my first treatment in April 2007 and by July all the symptoms were gone and I have enjoyed excellent health since then. It is impossible to measure the gratitude and respect I hold for this man and his wonderful work.”
Roy Williams, “2008”

“To Whom It May Concern,
In July of this year, I was discharged from the Wesley Hospital with an inoperable malignant tumour in my heart. Some friends of ours suggested that I see Dr George Dangel with whom I subsequently made an appointment.
After my first five vists, I felt much better and an x ray showed that the tumour had shrunk: following another 5 vists, the tumour had entirely disappeared as shown by another x ray.
I thank Dr Dangel for achieving by Pranic healing, what other doctors were not able to do, and I would strongly recommend that other sufferers – not only of cancer, but most other ailments, put themselves in the hands of Dr Dangel.”
Richard F.S Gie, August 24th, 2001

“Dr George,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to use the Elixir solution. I have not used a three time supply, this is three treatment sessions. I did follow the instructions very strictly, but must say I did not consume cooked food and no fish anytime.
The result of this treatment is amazing good. I recently have been at the Hospital for the first check up since being offered the medical treatment which I refused to go through because of the side effects we all know about.
The plastic surgeon was stunned not seeing anything any more of cancer on my head. He did not expect me in such good condition. The only thing he said was “it is all gone” keep doing whatever you do. This is the report from the Plastic Surgeon Surgeon Specialist, he did ask me to see him again in six months.
In the same week I had also the first check up in a other Hospital with the Neck Specialists, those surgeons who would have done the operations to remove the Lymphatic systems on the left and right side of my Neck including the Thyroid.
The same surgeons greeted me and did a examination and were amazed to find a 75 – 80 % reduction in size of the visible lump on my Neck, that had the size of a medium egg before treatment. All where actually happy to see me in this condition and did agree that this tumor is smaller not than at the first disgnosis, but said it is not completely. I did agree but said – as so much is gone of it by now, the rest will sure go as well, it will disappear for sure. There is no swelling or agressive signs of any kind the Specialists said, it looks good and it must work for you what ever you doing. The Specialists want to see me again as well in six months time.
It was very happy day.
Thank you again Dr. Geroge and I will see you as soon as I can to get more Elixir from you to continue treatments, as this is doing a fantastic job on a serious case. “
Urs Baur, 27th November 2008

“In 2007, I wasn’t well, nor had been for some years. My daughter, Julie, recommended I see Dr George Dangel, Mast Pranic Healer. She was heavily involved in alternative healing. To me, the only ones to heal were the medical profession.
Eventually, I made an appointment and after a few visits I felt really good. So good in fact, I stopped going to see Dr Dangel.
In 2008, I was really sick and my wife recommended I see Dr George Dangel again, because he did me so much good the first time.
Shortly after I visited him, after a blood test, my GP advised my PSA level was 16.9. It should be 4. Dr Dangel said he could fix me but suggested we see what the doctors say, and to advise him of the results. Although Dr Dangel said he could cure me, he never forced himself on me.
The Cat Scan revealed my readings of 8 were high and that something must be done. The cancer was in the prostate only, not in the bones or outside the prostate. The doctor suggested one of two radiation treatments – 1/general 5 days a week for 10 minutes per day for 8 weeks; ⅔ days in hospital using radiation into the needles and 5 weeks, 5 days a week for 10 minutes a day. He started treatment for 3 months taking tablets and inserting Zoladex in my stomach to stop the cancer from spreading.
I was hospitalised for 13 days during which time I took 9 turns. When I returned home, I took the German Shepherd for a walk and he had to pull me home. So I went to see Dr Dangel again, and he said my immune system was so low I needed treatment immediately. I visited his clinic three times a week for two weeks. He changed my lifestyle with regards to eating a proper diet, taking proven supplements and exercising.
After two weeks, my PSA reading went down to 1.3. Dr Dangel confirmed my cancer had gone. Better than that, I have never felt so good in years.
I have been so impressed with Dr George Dangel, and I thank my daughter for introducing me to Dr George who improved my lifestyle unbelievably, and saved my life.
Thank You. “
Barry Abbott, 16th September, 2009

“Dear Dr George,
I want to thank you so much for the gift of life back into my heart. I am so grateful. I do not take this for granted It is a miracle. I felt so excited by the results on Friday but the true extend of how amazing the treatment was is coming to me all the time as I notice just how good I feel and how much more energy I have.
Straight after the treatment my chest felt so free from congestion, like I had been hollowed out. My breathing is now effortless and I have been walking on the beach with enormous energy, so much so that I just wanted to run and run, something I found almost impossible. I had no idea how lifeless I had been for years until I have my energy back now.
Thank you again for your compassion and dedication to helping Trev and me.”
Sharon, 5th August 2012

“Hi George,
I guess you heard from Willie that Robin passed away in Mexico on the 30th of May. He put up a good fight but in the end it is best that he went sooner than having to suffer for months to come.
I would lije to thank you for the exceptional work that you did on him last year, he came to Australia in a wheel chair and with in two weeks you had him fit enough to be going on daily two mile walks along the Brisbane River, it was truly a miracle the way you channeled your powers so that he could feel whole while he was under your care. I am sorry that he didn’t stay in Australia and continue the treatment, I believe that if he had of he would still be with us today.
Should you ever travel to North Carolina please let me know, you can be a welcome guest in our house any time.”
Peter Norquoy, 21 June, 2011

“I have seen Margaret Dahl again at the Holy Spirit Northside; it has now been a couple of months since her Whipples Pancreaticoduodenectomy for an early adenocarcinoma involving her ampulla. As you are aware, her post-operative recovery has been complicated by delayed gastric emptying. There has certainly been no evidence of sepsis or any obstructive component, this has simply been functional. Margaret has been really kept going by the use of the jejunal feeding tube. She recently visited a pranic healer, Dr George Dangel, and she tells me his intervention has been a signicant positive for her and she is feeling much better. We are going to give her a trial without the feeding tube and see how she goes. As you are aware, the natural history of gastric outlet obstruction is to improve but any input in her care is much appreciated.
I will keep you informed of her progress. I will see her again in a couple of weeks and if she is really well I will take the feeding tube out.
Yours sincerely, “
Dr George Hopkins

“Hi Maria,
Thank you for sending us your Triple L product in Aug. 2010. We are finding it amazingly effective and would you to please send a vile to our daughter in Noosa. She has requested this product and will be anticipating delivery. “
Dave Williams, 5 August 2011

“Dear Dr. Dangel,
A loving Atma Namaste! Its been quite a while since I have communicated with you. Trust things are fine at your end and your health is also fine. I am also doing good and recovering quite well. I just completed the adjuvant Radioteraphy on April 12th. 30 sessions were given. But now almost a month has passed and I am recovering very well. The physical strenghth is returning and mentally I am feeling wonderful.
A whole lot of credit goes to you and our Guruji GMCKS without whose blessings I would not have reached you. Thank you very much for everything and please do keep on blessing me with your loving healing energy.
Warm Regards, A loving Atma Namaste! “
Jay, 9 May, 2012.

“Hi George & Maria,
Wishing you both a very happy anniversary. The years pass quickly. Hope you are both well, and we send our regards to your families. Nick’s Mum has been told her cancer is in remission now, and she is starting to put on a bit of weight. Many thanks to George for his treatments. Look after yourselves, bye for now, love Sonja and Nick. “
Sonja and Nick, 4 March, 2011

“Dear George,
I trust that you and Mary are well in health and that life has been treating you with love and kindness.
Thank you so much for the healing I received in January. I have found that there was a huge improvement in my health.
My thanks for the loan of the eye exercise book. It has helped (thought I have been lax of late in doing the exercises!)
There has been an improvement in my peripheral vision, but not a huge one. The most “bline” spot moved was when I had treatment with you.
A good thing is that I have been given a special licence to drive around my area, from morning until just before sunset. This has given me a tremendous freedome. I still live in hope that I will regain my peripheral someday soon.
I also did the first of the Pranic healing courses. The word Amazing, doesn’t do it justice. Even Andrew opened up and did the course with me!
Please accept a small token of my appreciation. Many thanks and kind regards, “
Sophia O’Farrell, 13 November, 2013

“Hi George,
It’s Virginia here – Ruby’s Mum. How are you? We hope you’re well. We’re all well and Ruby is progressing along nicely and gaining weight. I’ve attached a photo so you can see how great she looks. Ruby had her gastrostomy site surgically closed in October last year and it has healed up well. We do not have to see the Specialists in Sydney for another 9mths (yipee). Ruby continues to see her local paediatrician and we have been seen again by Geneticist Dr Gillian Turner. We have been told that from a genetics point of view that Ruby certainly has something but they don’t know exactly what. All of her blood tests for genetics testing have come back normal. They gave us an article on a syndrome called ‘Odho Syndrome’ which even they admit does not match her profile well – and I have to agree. Her development has progressed slowly but continuously in this time. We have seen more gains in weight and development since her bowel started working on its own around Christmas time and we were able to take her off Movicol which she has been on for years. Ruby is far less stressed, is sleeping well and is generally a happy little soul. She will be 3 in April!
We would love to come and see you again maybe in May but Marie tells me you’re travelling then. We’d love to just work on general well-being, getting that little brain working and the muscles of the whole body. I’ve noticed a few off things that no Doctor so far has been able to answer of explain. Ruby’s weight fluctuates around 500gm each month and there does appear to be a bit of a pattern or cycle to it. I have been concerned that I sometimes smell ketones on her breath but all her BSL testing has been normal. We also see weeks when Ruby is well able to stand with a very upright posture and with almost no assistance and then we have other weeks where she seems weak and in standing is hunched over with her little feetappearing to cling to the floor. Can you help us move her forward some more?
With Much Love, “
Virginia and Family, 10 March 2011

“Hi Maria and Dr George,
Dr George you treated me yesterday as I’ve been suffering from pleurisy post-upper respiratory tract infections. You asked me to check-in. I’m feeling about 500% better on yesterday. I have slept through for the first time in 2 weeks. I went 12 hrs without needing ventolin or pain killers. Back not nearly as sore. Chest still sore around sternum and cough not completely gone but on the whole heaps better. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! See you next week when Ruby will see you for some treatments.
With Much Love “
Virginia, 12 May 2011

“To whom it may concern,
My name is Jaishna Kalyan and I reside in Brisbane, Australia. I had an extremely difficult mental and medical condition which doctors could not seem to help me with. Then I heard about a man that resides here in Brisbane, and is a miracle man. I contacted Doctor and Mast Pranic Healer, Dr George Dangel for the first time in July 2009.
Master Dangel, I found, is a very loving, caring, kind and very helpful person who has greatly helped me to recover from my chronic symptoms of paranoia and entity possession.
I was suffering extensively with my problems that were unknown to the medical profession. Granted that my doctor identified my condition as schizophrenic paranoia and prescribed some medication which made a zombie out of me. I could not think, act, study or retain any knowledge and all I wanted to do was sleep. But most of all was the possession of the unidentified entities that were possessing my soul.
It is due to these entities that were possessing me that I had many difficulties in talking, thinking, reading, studying and even performing minor duties in my life. After several proanic healing sessions with Master George Dangel, he performed exorcism on me and took the entities from my spiritual body.
A miracle has occurred and without prescribing any medication, injections or even touching me, I am now absolutely fine and I am able to walk, talk, read and have a very calm and stable mind, which has greatly helped me in my studies. Also becuase of Dr and Master Pranic Healer, George Dangel, I was able to successfully complete my studies and now have completed my university degree.
I cannot thank Dr Dangel enough for providing me with such great healing powers that he possesses, and I greatly recommend anyone that needs help and is beyond the scope of medicine, psychiatric and physical, to consult this wonderful man of miracles.
I remain yours, “
Jaishna Kalyan, 23 August 2010

“Hi Maria,
Please let George know that my friend Barry is doing well. I spoke to Barry tonight, and his feeling well. He will be taking a blood test either tomorrow or Monday, which will be sent to the Metabolic lab in Boise, Idaho to look for cancer markers. I told Barry that I have every faith that none will be there. Interesting side effects of the treatment:
1. Barry runs a vacation lodge in the Utah mountains and is a very physical worker. Every year his hands get very rough and his finger tips develop what look like paper cuts. He has to put glue on them to keep them from cracking. This year, not a mark on his fingers.
2. The hemorrhoid which he has had for many years has disappeared.
3. He has lost about 16lbs on the treatment, but he said that it was all pockets of fat, and at 67 years of age he has 6 pack abs. He can’t believe how great he feels.
We are continuing to work on getting you to the states for a visit, and as Tana has told you, we are working on a healing center in Scottsdale, AZ. I am continually seeking grant money, and hope to have grants soon.
My best to both of you and I look forward to talking to you soon. Marina says hi.
Best Regards, “
Larry Arillo, 18 July, 2008

“Dr George,
As I write this card I am lost for words. What comes to mind is Thank you and God Bless you and Yours. I am here because of both of you. “
Barry, Dec, 2008

“I, Mr John Ping Lei Pascal, certify that Mr Dangel Georges has give a very good treatment when I was burned in March 1999.
He came in New Zealand at the hospital to treat me.
I was burned in second and third degree. I was nearly in a coma. When Mr Dangel treated me the first time, I felt like I was waking up, I opened my eyes for the first time in 2 days.
He treated me during three days.
I was staying at the hospital for 5 weks. I was healing very well and very fast. All my doctors told me that I will probably stay at the hospital for more than 2 months.
Today, 6 months after, I feel very well, I can move like I was doing before my accident. My burns don’t hurt anymore.
I don’t know how I can thank Mr Dangel, he gave me hope and courage to face from the situation I was in. I still believe he is one of the reasons that made me heal so fast.
John Ping Lei Pascal, Aug 27th 1999

“I went to Dr George Dangel suffering endometriosis. Conventional medicine had suggested for me (a 38 year old woman who has not yet had a child) to have a hysterectomy. In just two 1-hour sessions in one week with Dr Dangel, my symptoms have gone.
Before seeing Dr Dangel I had one week of pain every three weeks, such that I couldn’t work and was very angry, experiencing mood swings, irritability, bloating, fluid retention as well as constipation. My relationship suffered and I was angry with my partner, blaming him a lot for unimportant, trivial things due to my mood swings.
Also for that week I was not functioning, so he had to prepare meals, clean the house and care for his daughter (5 years), my step-daughter, on his own.
Now I don’t suffer any changes to my mood and last period I didn’t notice its arrival until I went to the toilet to discover it – that was a blessing for me! I have increased energy, and is just six weeks I’ve lost 6 cm off each thigh and my bloating has gone. I am losing weight all around that area where I had been carrying it due to the endometriosis.
Now I feel excited to let other women know there is no need to have pain or resort to the use of drugs or invasive surgery. It’s simple with Dr George.
Much appreciation and love, “
Tammy Reid, 5th August, 2008

“Hi Dr George,
Thank you for your work yesterday. I am very grateful.
I now can see and feel a marked improvement in the ability to bend and stretch my fingers. For the first time in 5 years I can now touch my thumb to the tip of my first finger. A way to go yet, but hey it is early days! My hand is on the way to working very well in the future! I did have hand therapy, for one and a half years after the accident and have continued to work at it myself over the last years but nothing could loosen it.
Have a happy day and I will phone you, on an hour, tomorrow for remote healing as you recommended. Happy day to and Maria. “
Terri, 23 July 2008

“Hi Dr Dangel,
I hope you received my phone message thanking you for you recent treatment of my back. The back is so much stronger and I feel sure it will not cause my the agony it did in the past. I am about to go for my first swim in 4 months as my shoulder also feels good.
I would like to take up your suggestion and have a series of treatments to move some energy and was wondering if you had any time on the 23rd, 24th and 25th as I could stay over in Brisbane. Also, I am keen to bring up a few items to fix up the ceiling as a flow to you. The hope you have given me in at last having a back I can rely on to enjoy life is much appreciated.
Regards, “
Chris Daly, 14/06/2004

“Dear Brother George,
Sorry for the delay in supplying some answers to Maria’s phone call but it took me a while to gather some information.
First of all I have just had another scan of the liver done and had it compared to the last one which was in September 2006. That is some weeks prior to your wonderful treatment. I am very happy to inform you that the lymph nodes in the liver are not only smaller and less numerous but now contain only fluid. No Lymphoma Cells. Even though I am rid of the lymphoma I will continue with both the Zeolite drops and the Beta Glucan capsules until they are all gone. That should see me through until the next scan which the Dr wants me to have as a precautionary measure in about six or eight weeks. Meantime I have no pain and no problems except those as a result of the rotten chemo therapy. Thank you very sincerely for all your help.
Your grateful Brother,
Ross A, January 30, 2007